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Post  ☆★①③③⑦★☆ on Wed Jul 08, 2009 10:37 am

This is an EXAMPLE of how to apply. DO NOT copy this or else I will catch you and you will never become a GM.

What Time Zone are you in:

Central Standard Time (CST)

Where do you live:

Houston TX

Why should we choose you as GM:

I can be very benefitial for the server in many ways. Here are some of the things I'm capable of:

Java Coding-
Some of the stuff in this server is coded by me. Those stuff includes: Donor Status, Commands, NPC's, etc. I also have fixed some stuff. Since I'm not done with developing this server, I can do much more things. My goal is to make this server very unique unlike some kind of random repack server.

Plus, I don't spoil important scripts unlike "someone" Razz .

Banning People -
This is something that all GM's would do when they see a hacker. But, it doesn't matter if you are going to ban them or not. If a GM doesn't ban a hacker even though they catch them red-handed, then it's an abuse. What does matter is if you can catch them or not. While other GM's are playing around doing stuff like spawning monsters for themselves, scrolling their stuff, making items for themselves, etc. While they are doing that, I take a look at the cheaters log at least once in 3 minutes. I have banned more hackers that all the other GM's COMBINED. I always stalk people if they have bizzare behavior.

If I see someone cussing at me, I don't ban them instantly. However, if they are cussing at the server, I ban those people before they start advertising. I don't ban people for saying stuff like "____Story/MS used to be a good server." but I ban them if they say stuff like "Join Now!"

I know what to do when people are breaking the rules. Here's what I do when I see those people:

Leeching on a Hacker
Smega Spam
Using Glitches (After several warnings)
Fake GM (After a warning)
Breaking out of Jail (After several warnings)
Spreading Rumors

Scamming (Unjail when the problem is over)
KSing (Kill Steal)
Refusing to follow the rules in events
Prejudices (Especially Race and Religion)

Hosting Events-
Again, this is what all GM's are suppose to do but I'm not doing things that "someone" is doing, which is hosting too many events. Event is meant for something special. I only host events when a lot of people are online so it will be fair for everyone. Hosting too many events will ruin their experience.

What bring you here:

I found this server when the community was growing. I wanted to join a growing server so I will get to know people.

How active can you be:

Mon - Thu: about 14 hours
Fri - Sun: about 7 hours

Do you know how to Java code if answer = a little don't bother >.<

As I said above, I have coded several things for this server. You can see examples of my work in the game.

I don't want to spoil my scripts in the forums. If I spoil them, then people would come here to leech and they will try to show off.

How long can you be active each day:

As I said above,
Mon - Thu: about 14 hours
Fri - Sun: about 7 hours

Will you keep your promised not to abuse your power:

I know all the rules of the GM's. If I break those rules, then I would be out of the Akatsuki MS Staff.

GM's may not give ANYONE special advantages or disadvantages. (giving out items, changing their jobs, training them, scrolling items for players, etc.)
GM's may not warp players to restricted areas unless it's an event.
GM's may not spawn monsters in fm unless it's an event.
GM's MUST ban hackers/advertisers/smega spammers/etc. when they are caught red-handed. If they don't ban them, it's an abuse.

Plus, I know how MySQL works so I still wouldn't abuse even if all the other staffs are offline.

How long you been in our server:

I have been in this server for almost 5 months.

What is your In-game character name:

My ign is 1337.

[You are to Fill up the Followings to Complete your Applications]

What is your MSN:

For some reason, I can't download MSN. I don't know why but the download is not working for me.

What will you do when you are in our server:

Here is a list of things that I do:
- Java Coding
- Testing new stuff
- Ban/Jail people if they do something wrong
- Entertain people
- Host Events

Will you spam Smega and crash the server :

Sometimes I can be spamming when the server is about to shut down. If I don't spam and people don't log off, they will get rolled back and they will complain our staffs about the stuff they lost. I don't want to waste my time arguing with them. I don't spam that much to crash the server though.

Will you reply to PM even you got flooded:

It depends on the situation. If they are questions like "Where is the skill maxer?" then I just answer them. If I'm flooded by people complaining about roll back, then I would probably ignore them or make a notice saying "We are not responsible for roll backs."

You have Any GFX/Graphic design skills :

I have done Flash for 2 years. With Flash, I can make banners, animations, and mini games. Here's an example of a banner I made for this server.

[Example] 1337's Application Akatsukimsbanner

Here's some more stuff that I drew using Flash

[Example] 1337's Application F18

[Example] 1337's Application F22z

What happen if you suddenly over spawned more then 100~200 Monsters:

If I accidently spawned that much monsters, I would use !tdrops and kill them using skills like dragon roar. !killall is the worst choice in that situation. !killall will cause so much lag that it can crash the server.

Will you ever give out any Summoning Bags:

If someone gives out summoning bags, then there would be a wipe. I don't want to cause a wipe. That's a great way to be hated.

What if we caught you red-handed giving out of Items:

I only give out items to people if they won an event or something. If I was caught giving out items, then I would be shamed of myself. Giving out item means breaking the rules. I have seen GM's giving out items (including Akii and Panda) and I don't want to be one of them.

Write a Summary about yourself before you be a GM:

My name is John K.
I've been playing on Akatsuki MS since Feburary 2009.
I can use programs like Flash, Java, MySQL, NetBeans, Gold Wave, etc.
I like to entertain people.
If there are 3 things that I never betray, they are Love, Friendship, and Loyalty.
I have helped this server in many ways. I'm still not done with developing this server.
My goal is to make this server the most unique server ever!

[IMPORTANT]:What is we caught you for copying people's Applications:

I don't understand why people would do that. They can be caught very easily. If the application is copied from somewhere, then it will be deleted.

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[Example] 1337's Application Empty o.o

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[Example] 1337's Application Empty . . .

Post  [S.T.O.R.M] on Wed Jul 08, 2009 4:16 pm

This ex. application is very good, John.
It is enriched with details with substantial amount of truth in it with a hint of trustworthy. lol

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[Example] 1337's Application Empty Re: [Example] 1337's Application

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bump XD


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[Example] 1337's Application Empty Re: [Example] 1337's Application

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Lol. Bump?xD


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[Example] 1337's Application Empty Re: [Example] 1337's Application

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