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Post  0osavageblow on Mon Jul 20, 2009 8:21 pm

What Time Zone are you in:


Where do you live:


Why should we choose you as GM:

Answer-You guys should choose me to become because I can do anything you ask me too. I'm very nice, I can help people with anything they need. If anyone hacks or spam smegas I'll most likely banned them. I'm very active which means I can host a lot of events. I vote every single day and I can get more people to play.

What bring you here:

Answer-I was looking for a private server on or something.

How active can you be:

Answer-I can be on anytime you guys want me to be on.

Do you know how to Java code if answer = a little don't bother >.<


How long can you be active each day:

Answer-Um about 4 hours -12

Will you keep your promised not to abuse your power:


How long you been in our server:

Answer-For about 4 months but I've played ms for about 3 years.

What is your In-game character name:


[You are to Fill up the Followings to Complete your Applications]

What is your MSN:

What will you do when you are in our server:

Answer- I'll Tell everyone I'm the new Gm, and say anything you need help on ask me.

Will you spam Smega and crash the server :


Will you reply to PM even you got flooded:


You have Any GFX/Graphic design skills :

Answer-I'm in Design tech II For 2 years

What happen if you suddenly over spawned more then 100~200 Monsters:

Answer-I won't, but if i do I'll kill about 75% of it or all of it.

Will you ever give out any Summoning Bags:

Answer-Never ever

What if we caught you red-handed giving out of Items:

Answer-If you guys caught me then, I'll be banned.

Write a Summary about yourself before you be a GM:
I am 15 (Sophmore) years old. I'm Asian (viet/Philipino). I'm a B average Student. I help people who are in need. I don't take thing really seriously unless its really serious. I'm very fun. Im non boring. And I'm happy most of the time.

[IMPORTANT]:What is we caught you for copying people's Applications:

Answer:If i been caught copying a Application then I'm not worthy enough to become a GM.


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