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Post  Katsua on Tue Jul 21, 2009 9:09 pm

Time Zone: (GMT -6:00) Central Time

Where do I live?: Wylie, TX

Why should we choose you to be a GM?:
Well, I have never been a MS GM before. This can be a great learning experience for me. I can really help out the players and host events to keep the server fun. I can keep the server safe from hackers and botters.

What brought me Here?:
Well I had played the server before. It has definitely sucked me into the game again and I can't seem to leave this server. I'm going to stick with this server for as long as I can.

How active can you be?:
Mon-Friday: 1-10 hours
Sat-Sunday: 5-15 Hours

I don't know any Java coding unfortunately.

Will I keep my promise to not abuse my GM powers?:
Of course I will. I have been a GM once, but on a different MMO. I didn't abuse my powers neither accidentally nor purposely.

How long have you been on this server?:
If you include before I left the first time, It would be about half a year or more. If you don't, about 1 week or more.

What is my IGN (In game name for those who don't know)?
My IGN is Katsua or will always have Katsua in it.

What is your MSN?:
For some reason I cannot download a more up to date version of MSN. My MSN though is nabbaes@yahoo.com

What will I do in this server?:
I will test new things, host events, being helpful to players, and keep the server fun.

Will I spam smegas?:
No I would not spam smegas on this great server.

Will I reply to flooding PMs?:
I will only reply to PMs if they are questions about events, NPC locations, places to level, or information that would help you in the development of your character. If its complaints of a roll back, then I would leave a notice that we are not responsible for things lost in a roll back.

I do not have GFX skills either unfortunately.

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