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Post  monkey on Mon Jun 22, 2009 1:35 pm

Christian Wyatt Lim (Monkey)


San Diego California

San Diego time i believe is -7 GMT

if Experience
Ive been playing maplestory and private servers for a while >.< GMS-about 3-4 years and private servers about 1-2 ive been a GM serveral times in v55 and a couple in v62 the most ive played and help was my recent one Famous ms and off the top of my head i cant think of any atm... >.< but i fell like when or if you do promote me it will show

What Can I Offer U? -
Regular criteria of a GM of course
catch hackers
help community
stay active
help players
host events

Explain, How You Can Make AkatsukiMS A Better Place? -
I can make it better because I can be very active help around with the forums and maybe make some banners for u guys and of course vote and support. I can create a nice environment where there is no hackers friendly community and alot of love and respect

How Would You Deal With Two Players Fighting? -
Lisen to both of there sides of the story and just cooperate whats going on and not be bias about either one and give it my best advice to stop it at its tracks

Do You Have Any Friends On The Server? -
actually no D: im fairly lonely and yea.. x] i been training insted of socializing haha wanted to be strong and stuff before i get to know people x] but yea that will change once i become a GM because i fairly want to get to know every player and a little or more about them (:

Do You Plan To Donate?
Honestly no... i have nothing to say but i have family difficulties financially that i am unable to donate but the thing i can donate is my time and my expertise and give it my all for this Gamemaster job (:


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