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Post  Johnson on Mon Jul 20, 2009 3:39 pm

Hi my name is John Im 18 year old year im a boy when luck got banned i was a great helper. The thing im good is helping ppl I was a gm on other servers.When im bored or i have spare time i would play wonder king or akatsuki ms :DI never break any gms rules. My favorite thing to do in fm is train ppl meet new ppl chilling giving ppl tours/guide being santa lol Arrow I can code only npc but i cant code alot.if i host a event i wont give 30k items away or give away donated items i will respect the gm rules and respect others that ejoying akatsuki ms and ill ask my friends to vote for akatsuki ms the best server ever.I im active I will always be on 7days 12 hours 0 mins. i will never harass someone or bann someone for no reason
My favorite sports are hockey,bastketball and lacross my favorite star in bastket
ball is Michael jordan and Magic johnson Hockey player is sindey crosby.If you to want to add me on msn my msn is ill be on msn some times.IM a youtube van one of my favorite videos are from kevin jumba or nigahigahow to be a ninja how to be a gangster how to be a nerd girls are like m&ms.If i get accpeted for gm i will be really happy peace out peps Very Happy


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