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Gm apply from dark blade Empty Gm apply from dark blade

Post  evanspider10 on Sun Jul 19, 2009 5:27 pm

GameMaster Application - DarkBlade

What Time Zone are you in:

GMT us and canda

Where do you live

in Dalles ft worth

Why should we choose you as GM:

i am very active and i will obay all the rules
also i will be kind to other and i no almost evrything bout being a gm
but i know some codes

What bring you here:

a ad in a webpage i fregot about the website
but yea

How active can you be:

evry day most of the time saterdays i got paino lessons so

Do you know how to Java code if answer = a little don't bother >.<

no sorry its my first time bing a gm

How long can you be active each day:

about the hole day unless am bissy doing home work and stuff

Will you keep your promised not to abuse your power:

i promise sir

How long you been in our server:

at least evry day the hole day
What is your In-game character name:


[You are to Fill up the Followings to Complete your Applications]

What is your MSN:

i don't have one srry

What will you do when you are in our server:
i will talk to ppl and be nice to em and help em out
if so u wil let me i will host events and stuff
i will also help train ppl if it iset agest the rules
Will you spam Smega and crash the server :

no sir

Will you reply to PM even you got flooded:

i guess i don't know what flooded means srry my first time i am useless i know
but i realy want to be a gm

You have Any GFX/Graphic design skills :

umm i don't realy know i guess

What happen if you suddenly over spawned more then 100~200 Monsters:

umm when i get on i will do that code killall and plus i will neva spawn that meane monsters i promis i don' lie
Will you ever give out any Summoning Bags:

depends if it is agence the gm rule

What if we caught you red-handed giving out of Items:

i will fell a shame but i will neva do that

Write a Summary about yourself before you be a GM:

[IMPORTANT]:What is we caught you for copying people's Applications:

i was a loser but alot of ppl new me so and helped me then i felt right about me being a gm i just want to try being a gm if am not so good at it u can fire me but after am not a gm i will just be active and have fun
i woudet care if i don't become a gm but i just realy do when am not a gm i will just train and keep on rb and stuff and ill try to vote when the vote thing comes out i will vote evry 12 hrs Very Happy also if when am not a gm i just talk to ppl and stuff like that and looking for a gf stuff like that buying stuff chageing hair and eays
i also play other server i expranced alot of private serveri also do normal player stuff and i will try to beg for my dad to donate but he always says no and sometimes i might go on vacations stuff like that for a while or go to china am from china so i realy want to become a gm my first time so when am not a gm i usaley go to the website of the private server and look for stuff so and i get borded most of the time when am on a server but if i am a gm i will not be borded and be very happy and be ver very helpfull and ver very nice[u]


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