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Post  xRayRay on Wed Jul 08, 2009 1:43 am

What Time Zone are you in:

Answer-GMT 8:00 Pacific Time

Where do you live:

Answer- Vancouver,BC,Canada

Why should we choose you as GM:

Answer- I'd try to fix the lag of the server or catch hackers red handed and ban them till the appropriate time and answer the other player's questions

What bring you here:

Answer-When i was searching GoogleMS

How active can you be:

Answer- I go on EVERYDAY Smile

Do you know how to Java code if answer = a little don't bother >.<

Answer- Learning - Does that count?

How long can you be active each day:

Answer- 3 - 7 Hrs a day (Doesn't include afking)

Will you keep your promised not to abuse your power:

Answer - Yes, i would never abuse my powers

How long you been in our server:

Answer - About half a month

What is your In-game character name:

Answer- xRay

What is your MSN:


What will you do when you are in our server:

Answer-I would help as many players I can and be a busy GM fixing lag and other things

Will you spam Smega and crash the server :

Answer- Nope

Will you reply to PM even you got flooded:

Answer- I'd try to answer most of it between 30 minutes everyday

You have Any GFX/Graphic design skills :

Answer- No

What happen if you suddenly over spawned more then 100~200 Monsters:

Answer - I'll kill all of it before it lags the server

Will you ever give out any Summoning Bags:

Answer- No, I personnally think that its abusing the rules

What if we caught you red-handed giving out of Items:

Answer - You can do whatever you want to me

Write a Summary about yourself before you be a GM:Hi, I'm Ryan and I'm 14. I have 2 Older sisters and a Dad and a Mom. I like to help people and I'm energetic. I make alot of friends because I am nice to them so they are nice to me ^_^

[IMPORTANT]:What if we caught you for copying people's Applications:

Answer:Then I simply get banned from this forum


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